What is it?

We conduct complimentary onsite preventive healthcare talks on various topics customised to suit your corporate environment

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Our Objectives

To effectively inform & educate the employees on healthy living

To equip employees with helpful health related preventive measures

To conduct the above in a professional, responsible & ethical environment


Our Integrity

Working with hundreds of organisations to date has given us the opportunity to hear and understand some of the greatest fears when engaging health activities for their employees. We hear you.

No Hard-Selling

No Non-Ethical Tactics

No Fee Charged to Providers

No Charging of Hidden Fees


Our Speakers

Individually Screened

Professionally Trained

Certified & Qualified

The quality of the health talk is of utmost importance, that's why we at Singapore Health Central leaves nothing to chance. All speakers are chosen through careful selection process, all talks are screened prior to acceptance.
"Dr. Marc Calaunan from Healing Hands is vastly knowledgeable on the topic, and we are glad we invited him to give a talk. During the preparation phase, Dr. Marc and his team was accommodating towards the interests of our target audience and willing to tweak the contents of the talk to better relate to our staff. The actual talk as interesting, insightful and interactive. Our staff enjoyed and benefited from Dr. Marc and his team’s sharing immensely." 
"Feedback was good, people said it was relevant and they found the exercises in particular quite fun and useful! People benefited from knowing more about how to improve their posture. I know I’ve personally become more aware of my posture since the talk!"
- Clear delivery and useful exercises -
- Very engaging talk and good tips on stretching exercises -
- Some practical examples on stretching exercises to do in office -
- A clear print out of the result of the screening and a well explanation on the result -
- Reminders on what is good posture, sharing of easy exercises that staff can do -
- Useful session to remind us to take good care of our body, starting with better posture - 

Proven & Experienced

Our Community Engagments

Humbled and privileged to be able to have served more than 300 organisations.
We look forward to serving your organisation too!

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