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Corporate Health Talk

We conduct free onsite preventive healthcare talks on various topics customized to suit your corporate environment

Services We Provide

Health Talk

Educative & informative health talk by Singapore’s certified healthcare professionals.

Health Screening

Annual health screenings from eye to spine in recognised facilities in Singapore.

Health Activities

Personalised health and wellness programme with diverse fitness activities.

Health Talk

Discover lifelong health and wellness secrets. Listen to healthcare professionals with years of experience at Singapore Health Central’s engaging and informative health talks and seminars. Our experts cover a wide range of topics from spinal health, nutrition and stress management to disease prevention and mental health. Stay informed about the latest health trends and evidence based practices. Organize a health talk with SHC now; empower your workforce with knowledge about healthier life choices; optimize their well-being and boost workplace productivity now!

Health Screening

At Singapore Health Central, we believe that prevention is better than cure.  Our health screening services help to detect potential health issues to ensure a healthy productive life.  We offer both on-site and off-site health screening services and spinal screening that help identify health risks and offer appropriate treatments.  Prioritize health and take charge of personal well-being at your workplace now with our professional health screening services now!

Health Activities

Experience the joy of a healthier lifestyle with Singapore Health Central’s (SHC) fun and invigorating fitness activities! From energizing walkathons and group exercises to mindfulness workshops, our diverse fitness activities cater to all fitness levels. By breaking a sweat, unwinding, and cultivating healthy habits together, you can discover motivation, support, and camaraderie to help achieve your wellness goals. Working in synergy with others can make it easier to stay accountable and maintain a consistent fitness routine. Explore our lineup of health and fitness activities now!

Our Panel Of Providers

Individually Screened.

Professionally Trained.

Certified & Qualified.

The quality of the health talk is of utmost importance, that’s why Singapore Health Central leaves nothing to chance. All speakers are chosen through careful selection process, all talks are screened prior to acceptance.

Our Community Engagement

Working with hundreds of organizations helps us to understand some of the greatest fears when engaging health activities for their employees.

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