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Corporate Health Screening

Singapore Health Central, together with certified healthcare professionals, provides awareness and healthcare programs to improve health awareness and self-care knowledge. These programs include health talks, health awareness activities, on-site or off site consultations and treatments for physical and psychological health.

Graphic Talks

Our Services

Connecting People

HR & Welfare Committees

We help Human Resource department & Welfare Committees organize health related activities to promote health awareness.

Complimentary Health Programmes

Making health and welfare programmes complimentary so you have less to worry about, and more budget to go further.

Healthcare Partners Connectors

We match your organisation’s healthcare needs with the most suitable, responsible, & trustworthy health care partners.

Our Values


We believe that your knowledge give you power to shape your well-being, thus education is at our heart.


Talk is easy, actions proves its worth. We deliver what we promise, and we do what is right.


Because each and every one of our patients matter. It is important to you, it is just as important to us.


You're here because you care about the health of your staff, and that's what we will focus on.


No Non-Ethical Tactics

No Hard Selling

No Hidden Fees

No Fees Charged

We Promise

Educational & Engaging
Quality Health Programmes
Simple Planning Process
Clear Communications
Uncomplicated T&Cs

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